Custom Error Pages

As an Enterprise plan customer, you can customize your error pages. A custom error page gives your site a more professional look, and can provide useful information to your visitors.

The customization is available per account or sub account.

The Incapsula service displays your custom error page to website visitors in each of the following scenarios:

Error page Returned when...
Blocking page A visitor is blocked due to a security rule.
Website unavailable The Incapsula proxy cannot connect to your web server.
Challenge page Security rules require that the visitor passes a CAPTCHA test.
SSL not supported by website A visitor is attempting to connect over SSL, but SSL is not supported by your site.

How to implement a custom error page

  1. Contact Support. You will be provided with a template to use to create your custom error page.
  2. Follow the guidelines below to prepare the page.
  3. When the page is ready, send it to Support for deployment.

Guidelines for the custom error page

Prepare your custom error page using the template provided by Support.

  • The page must include valid HTML syntax.
  • Any reference to an external resource or link should be absolute.
  • Any reference within the HTML to external resources should refer to resources on domains that are not on the Incapsula network and are publicly accessible. This is to ensure the proper display of error pages when the website is unavailable to serve those resources.
  • The template includes the place holders ($TITLE$) and ($BODY$). They should not be modified:
    • The ($TITLE$) placeholder holds only text, and will be populated with the appropriate text for each type of error page.
    • The ($BODY$) placeholder holds both text and design. We recommended that you verify that there are no design conflicts before providing us with the customized page.

Common errors

For a list of common errors and tips for troubleshooting, see Common Incapsula Errors and Their Solutions.