Network Traffic Dashboard

Explore incoming traffic metrics for all websites in your Incapsula account.

  • Examine emerging attacks in real-time, or analyze past attacks up to 90 days back.
  • View the total bandwidth volume, packet rate, traffic type, and PoP utilization.
  • The displayed data reflects traffic to all websites in the account and its sub accounts.

Note: The displayed data reflects incoming traffic only (from visitors to Incapsula). For CDN usage and billing statistics, see the Subscription page for your account: Management > Subscription.


In this topic:

Bandwidth and packet rate graphs

The graphs display peak bandwidth and packet rate values for the selected time period, for all sites in your Incapsula account.

Select options for viewing bandwidth and packet rate data. Your selections are reflected in the data displayed in the bandwidth graph (bits per second) and packet rate graph (packets per second), and in the tables below the graph.

View by

Overall All traffic.

The global distribution of all incoming traffic across Incapsula PoPs.

For the list of PoP codes and locations, see Incapsula Data Centers (PoPs).

Traffic Type The breakdown of packet types by common protocols and attack vectors.



Passed traffic and blocked traffic are displayed separately in the graphs.

Available when viewing overall traffic only.

Total The sum of passed and blocked traffic is displayed as a unified graph.
Passed Clean traffic that is routed through Incapsula and passed on to your protected sites.
Blocked DDoS traffic that was blocked by Incapsula.

Filter the graphs

In the legend below a graph:

Click an item to show data for that item only.

To multi-select or clear specific items from the view, use Alt+click.

To select all, double-click an item in the legend.

At the bottom of the graphs, select options to examine the data according to actual values or distribution:

Show values Bandwidth in bps. Packet rate in pps.
Show distribution View each PoP or traffic type as a percentage of the total traffic.

Real-time data

By default, the Network Traffic Dashboard displays real-time data.

Data resolution is 3 seconds.

Hover over the graph to focus in on a specific point in time. In this example, you can see that 16.87% of the total traffic was coming in from London.

Historical data

You can view data for the previous 90-days.

At the top of the dashboard, select an option, or choose a custom time period.

The dashboard displays the maximum values reached during the selected time period.

In the graphs, you can zoom in to a maximum data resolution of 15 seconds to analyze short attacks.

To zoom in, click and drag an area of the graph.

Hover over a point in the graph for more details. In this example, the graph is now showing a resolution of 15 minutes per point.

Grab another area of the graph to zoom in again for a closer look. Here, the maximum resolution of 15 seconds is displayed.


View the log of security events detected by Incapsula. Each row represents a single session that contains one or more suspicious requests.

Filter by event type or PoP.

Tip: Click Export to CSV to download the event log.